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White Diamond is a short to intermediate white lance-leaf (strap) variety. White Diamond displays a nice full mounding habit with or without de-eyeing in 6” and larger pots. De-eyed plants are more compact with more and smaller leaves. White Diamond is very similar to Jackie Suthers but without Jackie’s tendency to blush. White Diamond finishes approximately one week faster than Jackie and is among the fastest caladium varieties. In the landscape White Diamond can take full sun.

#1 bulbs are smaller (generally 1.5” to 2.5” in diameter). A case of #1 is approximately 200 bulbs; half case is about 100 bulbs.

Jumbo bulbs are bigger (generally 2.5” to 3.5” in diameter) and produce more leaves per bulb. A case of Jumbo is approximately 100 bulbs; half case is about 50 bulbs.

Prices include Orleans Parish sales tax (10%).

Bulbs can be ordered for delivery (in Metro New Orleans) or pick-up (in Uptown New Orleans, location to be determined).

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#1 1/2 case, Jumbo 1/2 case, #1 case (200/case), Jumbo (100/case)


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